Trade Secret Litigation

Trade Secret ElementWhy is trade secret protection critical to your business' success? Currently, about 80% of the asset value of the S&P 500 is comprised of intellectual property assets. This, together with technological advances that allow trade secrets to literally walk out the door in the pocket of an adversary or rogue employee, makes even more evident the need for your company to diligently protect your trade secrets.

At McDaniel and Associates, we have merged polymer science and biochemistry with extensive years of legal experience prosecuting trade secret misappropriation cases to come up with a unique approach to protecting trade secrets in the specialty chemicals industry.

The best offense sometime is a good defense. With our trade secret audit, we will assist you in protecting your valuable trade secret assets. Properly drafted employee agreements, vendor agreements, manufacturing agreements and license agreements not only safeguard your innovation, but also help you succeed in the event of a misappropriation lawsuit and provide evidence that you protected your innovation as a trade secret.

In the event that litigation becomes necessary, our skilled litigators will diligently pursue your legal remedies. We will seek injunctive relief and damages all the while preserving sensitive trade secret information and protecting your company’s interests.

Representative Litigation