Innovation Protection

Innovation ProtectionIn the specialty chemicals industry, where precise formulations resulting from years of research and development are the cornerstone of your business, innovation protection is key to success.

At McDaniel and Associates, we have merged biochemistry and polymer science with extensive years of legal experience prosecuting trade secret misappropriation cases to come up with a focused approach to protecting trade secrets in the specialty chemicals industry.

As a strategic business advisor, we will learn about your coatings business, identify your intellectual property, determine the safeguards necessary for protecting your intangibles and then implement strategies tailored to your company that will best protect you from innovation theft, all the while also positioning your company to have the best chance of success in a theft of trade secrets lawsuit. Our expertise lies in the Trade Secret Audit, which is a head-to-toe review of all of your intellectual property title documentation, including conveyances, licenses and assignment documents, together with all employment, manufacturing, vendor and sales agreements to determine the effectiveness of your existing trade secret protection program. We then recommend revisions as necessary. We will also audit your physical and computer access conditions and company policies and procedures, bringing in experts as necessary to extend safeguards and implement better company practices for trade secret protection (see Trade Secret Audit).