Who We Are

Founded in 1999, McDaniel and Associates is an intellectual property law firm whose primary practice is trade secret litigation. Since our founding, we have used our extensive scientific and legal expertise representing clients within the specialty chemicals and biotechnology industries. Whether we are conducting a trade secret audit to maximize the protection of your intellectual property, or simply drafting your non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, vendor agreements, exit interview documents, termination agreements, licenses and other transactional work, we never lose sight of the fact that these documents may someday be "Plaintiff's Exhibit Number 1." We know how to best position your intellectual property portfolio to succeed in the event of any legal challenges. We are dedicated to representing your interests with the utmost care and consideration.


Our Professionals
Steve McDaniel, JD, PhD - General Partner
Beth McDaniel, JD - General Partner
Jon Hurt, PhD - Patent Agent

TL Team
Clockwise from top left: Maria Valles, Accounting; Jon Hurt, Patent Agent; Sarah Siegel, Office Management; Steve McDaniel, General Partner; Beth McDaniel, General Partner